IT'S ABOUT CULTURE, CUSTOMS & TRADITION Cocido Maragato and Traditional Folklore I wanted to share this because there's a reason I live where I do dispite being opposed to the European Union Commission and their Bullying. Nothing gets Spain off-the-hook for their Leaders betraying their own People and the Scytl scandal but those are other matters. Cocido Maragato comes from the Province of Leon. It's Served Hot and is eaten backwards from typical Dishes with the 7-Meats and Garbanzo Stew first and the Noodle & Jamón or Chicken Brooth Soup last. A popular Castilian Legend tells that during Napolian's Invasion Spanish Soldier's ate the Meats & Stew first in case they were rudely interrupted which happens to Troops during War. Another Folk Legend says that it was food for Muleteer's and since meals were on the road the most solid foods were consumed first being short on time, always on the move but mostly because they were genuinely hungry. Other Folklore says that Cocido Maragato is a Peasant Dish and they ate the Meat first so it wouldn't get cold. There might be something to that because Leon is a bit like Eastern Oregon. Pick your favorite Folklore, they're all good reasons to protect European Customs and Traditions. #spain #food #culture #tradition #Mediterranean