To this day, you will occasionally hear a particular kind of feminist talk about the 'Hawkeye initiative' from eight years ago as if it were some kind of victory. But what did that whole thing really prove? Did men get butthurt over the depictions of Hawkeye in these copycat poses? Not that I saw. The most you'd get from straight guys is a roll of the eyes or a cocked eyebrow. They didn't really say much about it other than the obvious: This initiative was pure cringe. But what it did show was that women just do not on a fundamental level understand men. They do not understand that seeing Hawkeye in these poses doesn't leave an impression on us the way seeing cheesecake, good-girl art, and blatant fan service involving attractive (if often idealized if not exaggerated) female characters does to (insecure) women. You want that shit? Alright. Not my thing, but I'm not going to be thin-skinned about and try to shame you closeted fujoshis over it the way you do to straight (and bisexual) men over drawn T&A.