#deletetwitter #deletegoogle #deleteyoutube #deletefacebook MeWe CEO Mark Weinstein Tells you the Truth The Rise of Surveillance Capitalism China Googel Facebook Twitter Spying you Here some honest Comments of the people I left FaceBook for MeWe and my mental focus has increased and anxiety has dropped. It's great! Thank you! Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. I didn’t know Facebook was for freedom of expression judging by how many times I have been in Facebook jail. Just signed up to MeWe, I really hope it takes off like Fakebook....sorry Facebook Very well done! Go MeWe. I respect companies that respect my privacy 🌹 2020 ... the year the veil was pulled back and we all got to SEE (2020) the truth. Scary stuff going on in all segments of life. Time for all of us with a rebellious streak to start getting loud and taking action. I have been in the tech field since the late 70s and the things happening today are straight out of "Brave New World" and it is not pretty. Goal: Autonomy!!! MeWe, DuckDuckGo, Tutanota, Write a Letter and mail it, and no voice assistance. What about Amazon, Twitter, YouTube, Aol, Gmail, etc.? That's the biggest spy on human consumption ever. We’re participating in the greatest socioeconomic experiment in human history. It’s called Surveillance Capitalism. Everything we do – morning, day, and night – is tracked, analyzed, and monetized. Google knows when you're pregnant, Facebook knows your finances, and Fitbit knows when you're having sex! What’s the cure? MeWe Founder Mark Weinstein delivers an eye-opening exposé and calls for a privacy revolution to reclaim what rightfully belongs to us. Mark is the founder and CEO of MeWe, the #1 Trending Facebook alternative. Mark is world renowned as a leading privacy advocate and one of the visionary original inventors of social networking. He is ranked as one of the "Top 8 Minds in Online Privacy," and was named "Privacy by Design Ambassador" by The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada. He's often quoted on MarketWatch and has appeared on PBS, BBC, FOX News, and CNN. MeWe is the first social network with a Privacy Bill of Rights. MeWe has no ads, no spyware, no targeting, no political agenda, no boosted views of any kind, and no news feed manipulation. MeWe's Advisory Board includes the inventor of the Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee. Available in 19 languages, MeWe has 7 million members worldwide and projects 70 million by the end of 2020. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.