My minds pro page is almost operating sufficiently as my art and design portfolio. is where i send most collaborators and clients when they want to see my work. Its has a few bugs that youre still working out, but for the most parts it does what i want it to do and looks and feels clean and minimal. however many people have said to me that it they didn't realize at first that it was all my work. I think this is mostly because lands on my feed, and they have to click around on the hashtags to get a feed that feels more like a portfolio. the default feed has text only posts and links Ive posted and reminds... it gives the client the immediate impression that it may just be a stream of stuff i like or a twitter feed thing... maybe in the minds pro settings we can customize what the default landing page is,.. like maybe if it landed on my about page it would probably feel instantly more like a portfolio experience, or on one of the hashtag feeds... you know what I mean?