THIS WORLD ISNT SHIT FOR TRUE JUSTICE AND HONESTY SO I SAY TO ALL THE LIARS AND MURDERERS, HAPPY TRIALS WHETHER YOU GET CAUGHT OR NOT IN ALL YOUR GREED AND DECIECT OVER YOUR LIFETIMES BECAUSE ILL FORGIVE YOU AND FORGET YOU BUT YOUR MAKER WILL BE THE ONE HOLDING THE GRUDGE, NOT ME! GOD'S LAW'S WILL ALWAYS TRUMP MAN MADE LAW'S SO GO AHEAD AND MAKE LAWS SO YOU WIN IN THIS WORLD BUT YOU WILL NOT WIN IN THE NEXT WORLD! Often we may break God's law without breaking Man's Law Man's law is limited to what can be proven but God knows our heart. Sin and Abuse are very similar. When we abuse somebody we are committing a sin. This includes violence, spouse abuse, child abuse, and rape which are also against Man's Law. (Strictly speaking though, sin is to disobey God) Sin usually results in us abusing somebody, somehow, be it ourselves, others, or God. Some types of abuse are hard to prove and some are not even against Man's law. For example, emotional abuse, swearing, taking people for granted, being lazy & not pulling your weight, adultery, homosexuality, idolatry, fornication, being domineering or controlling, selfishness, pride, arrogance, being unforgiving and hating one another God, however, knows our heart and our motives and the things that we do in secret. God's law is unchanging Man's laws can change from one day to the next God's laws usually don't contravene Man's laws where there is freedom of Religion If there was a conflict between God's law and Man's law, a Christian would be advised to keep God's Law It would be better to go to Jail than to rot in Hell God's Laws are higher than Man's Laws