This week has been #rockyourmocs2020 for Native American Heritage Month and we‘re bringing you this gem from the CSWS archives. Reposted from @centerswstudiesflc

“Buckskin Charley and Wife Emma,” a portrait photograph taken by Pennington Studios c.1930. “Chief Buckskin Charley (1840–1936), whose Ute name was Sapiah, was the preeminent chief of the Muache band of the Southern Ute Tribe beginning around 1870. The name Buckskin Charley may have been given to him by some Buffalo Soldiers who saw him tanning hides. Later in life, he was also referred to as Charles Buck. He married Te-Wee, also known as To-Wee (Emma Naylor Buck). They had two sons: Julian and Antonio Buck. Throughout his long tenure as chief of the Southern Ute Tribe, Buckskin Charley traveled to Washington, DC, numerous times, meeting seven US presidents. He was presented the Rutherford Hayes Peace Medal by President Benjamin Harrison in 1890.” Image: P051016 Info: Written by Mona Charles for the Colorado Encyclopedia