When I think about it, this pandemic had very little effect on my life. Aside of wearing a mask at work and when I do my groceries and listening to idiots spewing whatever the media tells them, nothing has changed. I mean, I’m a bit of a loner. I stay home on a Friday night, talk to friends online; practice my katana; take care of my cats or play video games. I buy most of my stuff online and have it delivered to my door because I find it convenient. I much rather read a book than to go to a bar and pretend I’m interested in what people have to say. I’ve always been this way. If people stopped telling me there is a pandemic, I would probably forget it is even there (mostly because it is fake). Yet I see people popping antidepressant pills like it was candy and killing themselves in droves because they have been in lockdown for almost a year. One can’t help feeling bad when people rather pop a cap in their head instead of spending another day in this world in a manner that is basically my life. I didn’t think I had it so bad… Gato Villano