anyone that has 2% Common Sense knows that creepy Joe Biden the pedophile rigged the votes big time Big Time big time oh, this is basically called coup d'etat. The tempted overthrow of the US government. Anybody in their right mind would not vote for an anti-American piece of garbage like creepy Joe Biden pedophile oh, he was involved in the murder of Seal Team 6 oh, he was an accessory to Benghazi, he's sold Millions upon millions of American jobs out to the Communist Chinese for 1.5 billion dollars oh, he sold secrets to the Communist Chinese military secrets oh, and he helped secure the 3.7 million dollars to produce the coronavirus in a vile weapons lab in communist China which is now circling the globe. Thank God the Communists are incompetent and stupid. What they build was a flu that's no more dangerous than the average do we have in America every year. However the fake news is controlled by the Deep State pedophiles are pushing the fear-mongering and making people believe it's more dangerous than it really is. Creepy Joe Biden pedophile will soon be arrested send to Guantanamo Bay Cuba oh, he will face a Military Tribunal for all the mentioned criminal treasonous acts against the American people, plus more that I didn't even mention. He will be found guilty because he is guilty and we have all the evidence. At that point he must without exception the executed for crimes against the American people and the state. We can no longer allow garbage like this the Run free on American Street many of his family members are involved too and they will need to be sent to Guantanamo Bay also we already have their evidence also and they will be executed