Everyone seems to think this is some kind of legal or pedantic argument or Trump needs to have his chance to litigate as long as he can. It is hard to say here are the facts but there is no other way to put this: LEGAL As of today, November 20, Trump and his team have filed 31 law suits and have lost 30. And no the one they ‘won’ was procedural and did not involve many ballots. Let’s repeat that; 31 filed, 30 losses. Does that sound like massive fraud to you. Several leading law firms have dropped out for Trump as they know the law suits are bogus, that leaves Guiliani who is charging Trump 20K a day to do this. He is so over the hill his hair dye was running down his face as he made up fraud after fraud allegations. This is the “A” team for Trump? VOTE COUNTS Wayne County, Michigan - we have all seen this one. 2 Republican officials tried to disenfranchise over a million votes in Wayne County (Detroit) with no reason given at all. They were shouted down by voters saying you will not steal my vote. They agreed, recanted and certified as Michigan is also certified for Biden with a lead 150,000 or 14 times greater than Trump’s in 2016. Still Trump called the 2 officials on the phone and asked them to change again but too late its over. Then, the Republican legislature in MI which is only there because of gerrymandering in a state that is predominantly majority Democrat the Republicans still have around 60% of the legislature seats, he invited them to the White House to pressure them into overturning the vast majority of Michigan voters to illegally vote for him and give him MI’s 16 electoral votes. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE? Who is the one who is fraudulent? Who is the one who is undermining the US electoral system? Who is the one who got beaten decisively but cannot admit he lost? TRUMP THAT’S WHO! INDEPENDENT MONITORING Georgia, MI, PA, AZ, NV, WI all have said and been confirmed by Chris Krebs, Cybersecurity Director Homeland Security, as appointed by Trump that the election was the most accurate and without any fraud in US history. Trump fired Krebs for not agreeing to lie and say there was rampant fraud. The guy Trump appointed, universally admired, was fired for not being wiling to go along with the Hitlerian tactics of Trump. No state has any amount of votes changed or any discrepancy that would change the outcome, NONE NADA ZERO. So here is what I say to Trump voters, all 71 million of you. You have a choice to make, are you Americans or are you members of the Trump cult. If you do not want to accept the free and fair election results that have been confirmed every step of the way, you have 2 choices. You can just be unhappy like the HRC supporters and go back to work and find another candidate and try to get them elected in 2024. Or you can leave the country and join Trump in one of the ‘s….le’ places that will take people like him. Why am I so harsh? Because we have a pandemic, if you haven’t noticed, shutting down the country and killing 2,000 a day, now over 250,000 total. While the President, our President, watches tv and files bogus law suits, tries to subvert the election, tries to change electoral votes which he clearly lost and REFUSES TO DO HIS JOB WHICH IS TO LEAD THE COUNTRY DURING THE PANDEMIC! We need a President, and we now have a new one. JOE BIDEN voted in by almost 80 million americans. If you think the entire election apparatus mostly run by Republicans by the way who in general won the election and beat the Democrats other than Joe Biden, is a fraud and the election was stolen by Republicans from Trump, then you have serious problems and the problem starts with you. You are an enabler of Trump, you cannot accept the truth and the truth is BIDEN BEAT TRUMP DECISIVELY BY MORE, MUCH MUCH MORE THAN TRUMP BEAT HILLARY CLINTON. In conclusion, we are done with these arguments and you’re holding back our country. Get off the conspiracy sites and Fox and rejoin the real world. We are here waiting.