HOW BEING ALIGNED WITH THE OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION IS FATAL EVEN IN THE BEST OF TIMES Still Wondering Why Soros Donated $70M To Creepy Joe Before we go too far, I'm an American living in Spain and I'm not opposed to Legal relocations by anyone, preferably not uninvited without Documents by the thousands to a small Island during a Pandemic. (Lesvos is a mess, Posted) All of our Ancestors came from somewhere, that's what we call Pioneering and they worked harder for less personal reward than we can imagine, it was about Building a Nation not "Free Stuff." The Narrative below discusses malevolent motivations which we need to concern ourselves with. I'm not going to start in about the 100+ explosions in Sweden, the Islamic Terrorist beheadings in France, the Cathedral burning's and Catholic Church desecrations, the Murder and banishment of White Farmers in various African Countries causing thousands of African Farmers of European descent to flee Continental Africa or the Islamic Bridge knife attacks in London, I cover that stuff as briefly as possible. This isn't new News, it started in 2015 with Angela Merkel and George Soros' Open Society Foundation which generously donated $70 million to the Biden Camp and a UN Ambassador as a bonus and Biden’s "Agency Review Teams” that will prepare “Biden and Harris to hit the ground running on Day One" represent Soros' interests. (Posted Below) I realize there's Security Threats at the USA's Southern Border but that's peanuts compared to the often Battle Hardened Jihadists that blend-in with Economic Migrants from the Middle Eastern and African that are flooding into Europe at this very moment - you ain't seen nothing yet especially as so many Economic Migrants are convinced Biden will lay-out the Red Carpet for them as well. I'm absolutely convinced of it - should he get into The White House. Greece deployed their Navy to control illegal boats but well funded organizations such as Lighthouse keep finding Soros Zodiac Rafts to load illegals into and wish them a bon voyage and "don't become crab meat." I've been on the Mediterranean more times than I can recount and it can be quite perilous in a rickety small boat however some of larger ones are actually designed as "shuttle's" between Africa and EU Territory, that's another grander problem because they're Piloted by Licensed "Captains" who know Maritime Law and exploite various European Union clauses for organizations like the Open Society Foundation. In Spain Sanchez pretty well surrendered the Country to the EU Commission who's basically in Soros' pocket years ago just like Biden and most Democrats. It's nothing new, Barack Hussein Obama a Saul Alinsky disciple was discovered by George Soros and well-funded by him. So was Hillary Clinton AOC and a bunch of others particularly at the State, City and Local Officials like City Council Members. Even Greta Thunberg is a Soros clone, he gets around or perhaps it's safer to say his affiliates. Soros is careful where and with whom he's seen in Public. #jihadists #islam #muslims #joebiden #terrorism