lol *excerpt: A car owner has been slammed for trying to sell his car outfitted with an Adolf Hitler speedometer. The Volkswagon Golf is being sold on Craigslist for $4,000 and the unnamed seller boasts that the clutch is in good condition and the brakes have been replaced. But the seller goes on to joke about the novelty speedometer on the Volkswagon Golf - also known as the Rabbit- where Hitler does a Nazi salute the faster you go. 'Price is low but hoping the unique speedometer is enjoyed,' the San Francisco-based owner says in the listing. A Stop Antisemitism page said on Facebook said: 'What the hell is wrong with people?' 'A man in the San Francisco area has listed his VW Rabbit vehicle for sale that's outfitted with Hitler speedometer!' Social media user Bruce Halprin fumed: 'Almost inconceivable that somebody could be this f**king stupid. Almost.' Lisa Averbuch added: 'The guy has serious issues. And whatever company manufactured this should be shut down. 'What the f**k.' While social media user Bob Magee said: 'So much ignorance in one person.' The full car ad reads: '2007 VW rabbit. Has 160xxx miles with a five speed trans. 'Clutch feels good. Heat and ac work awesome, brakes are newer stops good, power windows. Interior is in good condition just needs a good cleaning. Tires have very good tread on all four.' The seller goes on to say that, 'Only small issue is the abs and trac light idk never bothered me and there is a slight exhaust leak nothing bad at all. Headlights were changed out to high/low LED lights. 'Very bright at night. Last month had the tires changed, the oil, and filter with liquid moly and a mann oil filter. Changed the fuel filter had all five spark plugs changed with ngk and a bosh air filter.' Though the 13-year-old car appears in good shape, it'll be hard for anyone with a good conscience to get over the dashboard. 'Overall car rides down the road awesome,' the seller says. 'Asking 4000 cash. 'Thanks for your interest and lemme know if you want to test drive or have a mechanic do a pre-inspect.'