Sweden: Prosecutor Determines That Burning the Qur’an is Not a Hate Crime Considering the Islamization of far-Left-ruled Sweden, this report is a welcome surprise. “Burning a Koran in itself is not illegal, says chamber prosecutor Sofia Syrén,” suggesting that neither is criticism or even mockery of Muhammad. Malmö isn’t simply a “multicultural” city. It has a particularly high Muslim population, as well as high rate of Muslim violence. Conditions are so grave in the city that a Jewish congregation has warned that rising antisemitism is turning it into a no-go zone for Jews. Yet not only Jews are facing threats. UPS was forced to suspend deliveries there, citing attacks on drivers. It’s a town under siege by jihadists and Islamic supremacist thugs. Every country in the West needs to stand united, support the freedom of expression, and oppose the Sharia. No hurt feelings of people of any faith should be considered a challenge to the freedom of speech. Yet the proclaimed hurt feelings of Muslims are creating pandemonium in Western societies, placing the freedom of speech and expression under serious threat. An imam in France got thousands of death threats for calling the beheaded teacher in France a “martyr for freedom of expression.” Muslims who do not support freedom of expression do not belong in the West. “No prosecution after Koran burning: ‘Unable to prove crime,’“ translated from “Inget åtal efter koranbränning: ‘Går inte att styrka brott,’“ SVT, November 16, 2020.