"Protect the NHS" - reality check. 1. Quit smoking, alcohol and junk food. 2. Exercise, meditate and achieve a healthy bodyweight. 3. Consume organic natural real foods, distilled water and throw away toxic home and body cleaning / fragrance and beauty products. Bonus tip 4. Take off your mask, preventing the excretion process of your lungs to secrete carbon dioxide and mucus ridden bacterior - now reproducing in your mouth. Breathing in multiplying bacteria in your masked mouth, resembles feces and has serious consequences for your lung and heart heart. (More so for children who's cardio vascular system is only 40% developed, hence their higher heart rate and frequently high body temperature) Bonus tip 5. Never accept a flu vaccine which increases covid rates by 38%! (Along with 5x higher rate of bacterial infection) If you REALLY want to "PROTECT OTHERS" and want to protect the NHS ... Begin with reducing the largest risk factors, causing 100-300x the death rate of covid -- heart disease. -- cancer. -- obesity associated disease -- suicide. -- pharmaceuticals and medical errors Instead of asking folks "where's your mask, you're putting the NHS at risk"... Put down that beer, cigarette and junk food and Instead ask yourself "did I eat healthy natural organic, chemical free produce today" "Did I distill my water today" "Did I exercise / sweat and get several hours of natural sunlight and fresh air today" "Did I decompress, get good quality sleep and mediate today" "Did I drink alcohol, smoke and eat junk food today" "Did I consume pharmaceuticals drugs today" This is how we "protect the NHS" by focusing on the areas responsible for 3/4 of a million deaths in the UK per year. Medial / Pharmaceutical drugs and errors. Heart disease, cancer and obesity. Lung and respiratory disease. Dementia and Alzheimers So let me ask you mask wearers.... "What did you consume today?... you must take care of yourself and protect the NHS, don't be selfish ... you're responsible for over 700,000 deaths every year" Invest in your health, immune system (that's 99.997% effective against covid) and move away from a 20-50% chance of cancer and heart disease. Save YOUR own life Jaclyn Dunne