Evidence of "controlled" counts in Virginia

In the Virginia count, total votes went from 4.316 million to 4.309 million after corrections (see bar on right which goes off chart). Interestingly, at precisely that time, a single batch had 46 Biden votes for each Trump vote (+4497 Biden / +97 Trump). The removal of earlier votes, replacing them with a new batch heavily-tilted to Biden, suggests that votes may have been flipped. It's what you'd see when switching votes counted for Trump and reporting them, instead, as votes counted for Biden. Importantly, the switches could have been spread out, then taken away in a batch, and then replaced in the next batch -- effectively "laundering" the deliberate miscount of votes -- because you can point to those Biden votes having just been removed in the batch before (making it look like you "ought to" be adding them back in). A vivid analogy would be a "bait-n-switch" scheme where a mugger who had just got your money from you then notices a cop approaching. In front of the cop, the mugger asks you to hold the money for him for a second while he ties his shoe. Then, also in front of the cop, he complains that you need to give him back that money he asked you to hold. The cop, assuming the money is the mugger's (because of what he "saw"), tells you to hand over that money to the mugger. The reason for the mugger to initially give away the money was to be able to take it back without suspicion (even though taking it back is a crime, because it wasn't his to begin with). A very good reason to initially "lose" Biden votes is to be able to take them back without suspicion (even though taking them back is a crime, because those votes weren't Biden's to begin with). Even more interestingly, most batches had 6 Biden votes for every 5 Trump votes (Biden = 1.2 x Trump). Most interestingly, there isn't much variance in this ratio -- it is almost exactly 20% more Biden votes each batch, from batch to batch. But a random process has variance in it. It's common to see things vary by 5% or more. For instance, if all mutli-child families were all compared to each other -- with the standard of comparison being the ratio of boys to girls in the family -- ratios would vary by much more than 5%. While many multi-child families would have a ratio of 1:1 (1 boy per girl), most families wouldn't -- and many other families would have ratios very far away from 1:1. That's how random processes "behave" -- but that's not how the vote count in Virginia "behaved." If you visited a town where every family had 11 kids, exactly 6 boys and 5 girls, it'd freak you out. And it SHOULD freak you out. Things like that -- where ratios on outcomes of stochastic processes never vary -- don't happen in the natural world. Even if the sum of all Biden votes was EXACTLY 1.2 times the sum of all Trump votes -- individual batches would still often vary by more than 5% from each other. Individual D/R batch ratios would often be as low as 1.15, and they would also often be as high as 1.30 -- even if overall average is 1.20. Example with small batch* of 100 votes: About a third of all 100-vote samples (assuming ratio is 1.2 overall) should give you a ratio outside of 1.00 to 1.50 -- though two-thirds of all 100-vote batches would be inside that range. Example with medium batch of 1000 votes: About a third of all 1000-vote samples (assuming ratio is 1.2 overall) should give you a ratio outside of 1.15 to 1.30 -- though two-thirds of all 1000-vote batches would be inside that range. The median batch total here was less than 400 total votes, indicating that ratios should have been AT LEAST as far from 1.2 as is 1.15 or 1.30 a third of the time (twice as often as was observed). -------- *The standard error of sample proportions is the square root of pq/n, where p = .55 for Biden votes and q = .45 for Trump (and n is batch size). Once proportion is known, ratio is straightforward (.55/.45 = 1.222). When sample (batch) size n = 1000, one SE only gets you to a batch ratio of as low as 1.15 or as high as 1.30. About two-thirds of all samples taken are typically found to be within 1 standard error of the population average value. -------- Source --thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/caught-part-5-competitive-states-biden-gained-lead-massive-vote-dumps-remainder-votes-possessed-biden-trump-vote-ratio-inconceivable/