11.20.20 Last night my fiancee told me that the hospitals are under " DIVERSION ". She works at the VA Hospital here in Cleveland, Ohio. She was told that MOST (not all) Hospitals in Cuyahoga County are under " DIVERSION " and that they, the VA, will be taking on non vet patients. Diversion means that, those hospitals will be DIVERTING patients to another hospital. She asked why. She was told that most hospitals are full because of patients, both COVID and non-covid, like heart attack, appendix, etc. So, she asked are the COVID cases ICU admissions. She was told "NO", they are NOT ICU, they are full because they are admitting people for 2 reasons...1) OXYGEN, which they can do at home; and 2) "OBSERVATION", which we know is even less sever and these people could also be at home. Now this says 2 things WHY the hospitals are doing this; first is obviously a MONEY GRAB! Hospitals are making A LOT of money off this. And the second is it helps ARTIFICIALLY INFLATE the numbers, making it look WORSE then what it really is! This is directly causing more panic, and more LOCKDOWNS! Here in Ohio, our governor imposed a CURFEW for 21 days, starting this morning, from 10pm to 5am! Is this 1930's GESTAPO GERMANY? People say Trump is a Nazi, but you are all wrong...look at what the Dems are doing, or even our REPUBLICAN governor! Take a look at the States own Health Departments Web site and look at the numbers, "new cases", "deaths", and "hospitalizations". You can click on individually counties to see those number separate from the state. I do not know if the hospitals are "in on something", or they are just doing this for money and the States are capitalizing on the hospitals filling themselves no for real reason, but it is a direct cause of these lockdowns! If people are getting it, you can ALWAYS say "no, your no admitting me". Hell, with all the false positives, you maybe one of them, and just have the common flu; but now you are in a hospital, WERE THERE ARE SICK PEOPLE AND YOU MAY ACTUALLY GET IT BECAUSE YOU ARE AROUND THEM!!! You want to "social distance", but where did you just AGREE TO STAY???? On top of that, WAIT UNTIL YOU GET YOUR CO-PAY BILL!!! LOL And for what, a false positive!?!!!!! And do you really need a test to tell you, you are SICK? What you can not tell on your own??? Taking a test, weather it comes back a REALLY positive, or a FALSE POSITIVE, just does not matter, except that it inflates the numbers causing more lock downs! Add to that that CVS, the drug store, have a dis-proportionately HIGH false-positivity rate!!! Why do you think the numbers are going up so high??? But hey, that is okay, because that will help get the DEATH RATE lower...false positives with no deaths = lower death rate!!!! https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/dashboards