So, how's that whole, "let criminals off without punishment" thing going in Chiraq? Well, it's performing as designed. Article: Back in 2005, Joseph Whitsett received a 25-year sentence for carjacking. Still, he managed to be out of prison by 2018 when he was convicted of illegal gun possession. He got six years for that. Yet, he was out of prison again this week when cops say they saw him ditch a loaded and defaced handgun in Uptown. He’s in jail again. At least for a little while. Police were on patrol Tuesday when they saw Whitsett drinking from a cup on the 4900 block of West Kenmore, prosecutors said. When they asked him what was in the cup, Whitsett allegedly took off running while holding his waistband. That's not suspicious at all, ask what he is drinking and he runs away, it's not like he was going to commit additional violent crimes or nothing. Additionally, why was he outside at all? Doesn't he know there is a pandemic going on?