WHY TRUMP CAN'T LOSE Story of The Century The Trump America First Revolution will dominant the Democrat Party into 2024 and well beyond. I haven't discussed Conservatism much because I rarely see it in Socialist Spain however there is a Nationalist-Populist Movement sweeping the Free-World which Globalists can't contend with and will stop at nothing to hamper. If Joe Biden takes the White House as the MSM projects it is likely he will succumb to outside pressures very easily very much like the European Union has. Biden is obliged to George Soros who kindly donated $70 million to his campaign. An Open-Borders Policy shift, related Tax increases, loss of Security and Cultural changes will infuriate God-fearing Americans regardless of Race whose in the midst of increased Covid-19 Restrictions, Shutdowns and Layoff's triggering the demise of the Democrat Party. Should Trump retake the White House as I project it'll be the Last of the Democrat Party because their corruption will become too Public. In a way Trump would Win either way! A lot of us enjoy playing Poker but won't play with a cheater, the Democrats have signed their own 2022 & 2024 Cheater Obituaries and they're still digging their Graves deeper. This Sky News Video discusses what we've been covering, Trump's ultimate Victory. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h4LMVCJsWKM #trump #voterfraud #biden #alzhiemers #openborders