Special Announcement 📢📢📢

pleiadianstarseed.com - pleiadianstarseed.net & myspiritualgarden.net are now @pleiadianstarseed. pleiadian starseed moved permanently to minds, all content from: facebook, tumblr, youtube & instagram will be availeble in pleiadian starseed minds channel, all other pages & profiles will be close or inactive, minds will be the new and only home for pleiadian starseed. videos and gifs will be posted daily, the topics are the same, this is a meditation and a relaxation channel, other topics are: space, nature, awakening & spirituality. not precisely with words but with art, images are fundamentally important in the process of awakening, awakeners from the pleiadian race teach through images and sounds, other races may choose other methods & they are all acceptable... I welcome you to this space empowered by love, you will find no judgement here only love and acceptance... please enter with love in your heart. 💖 ((( 🙏🏻 ))) 💖 (((💖))) ✨ (enjoy your stay) ✨ (((💖)))