Who Does That? ~ https://nationalvanguard.org/2020/11/who-does-that/ "AS OUR country falls apart and becomes Zimbabwe with worse weather we’ll at least know who to blame. That’s right: White supremacists. They’re everywhere, voting cuckservative, impotently protesting massive and brazen corruption and causing all the staggering failures of our “multi-culti” zoo. They’re like demons or something, ha ha. One crime frequently committed by the horrible “racists” who deserve the planned kosher genocide is the hate crime outrage that, strictly speaking, isn’t actually real. Consider today’s incredible dispatch from a rotting nation featuring a 70 I.Q. coal monster who absorbed enough of the Jewish message into its underdeveloped frontal lobes to attempt a lazy hoax which has now totally collapsed. There might be some sort of lesson here, but I’m really hard-pressed to figure out what it is. I think the important thing is it could have been real and therefore we need to be the scapegoat for all the Clown World malfunction in our necrotic homeland."