"Trump Team Drops EVIDENCE Of Fraud, SLAMS Media For Ignoring It, Claims Centralized Fraud May Exist" - Tim Pool Here's the full press briefing: (2hr 30m) "Trump Campaign Legal Team Holds Press Conference in DC 11/19/20" - Right Side Broadcasting Network ----- "Michigan Officials REVERSE Vote Certification, TRUMP COULD WIN MI, Witnesses Say FRAUD In GA" - Tim Pool ----- "Trump Withdraws MI Lawsuit After REFUSAL To Certify Vote, Even Biden Voters Say Trump DONT Concede" - Tim Pool ----- "Evidence Of Widespread Voter Irregularity Just Dropped, Republicans Votes MISSING" - Tim Pool ----- "Democrats Calls For WWII Style "Deprogramming" of 75 Million Trump Voters" - Tim Pool ...who is the Nazi again? Trump? NAH. ----- "Democrats Are QUITTING The Party AGAIN, Dems Are Collapsing' - Tim Pool