Taken from Pres Elect Edmunds - Author, a Brilliant summary. I've just watched the press conference called by Trump's legal team. Rudy Guiliani and Sidney Powell both laid out the bare bones of the Trump campaign's case. In a nutshell, they are as follows: * The Dominion vote counting machines in use in multiple states were created by Hugo Chavez's regime in Venezuela with the explicit purpose of fixing elections. Dominion also has links to Soros. The machines can do this in a number of ways including algorithms that weight votes more toward one candidate than another, by flipping votes, and by manual manipulation - technicians can go in and add votes to one candidate's tally, remove votes from another's, or both. All of these techniques were used in this election. * Mail-in ballots have multiple points of insecurity, chief of which is that when a ballot is removed from the envelope the envelope is discarded, and from then on there is no way to verify the ballot as legitimate. In order to counter this, representatives of the parties are supposed to be present when the ballots are opened, but Republicans were held away from process and in some cases corralled to prevent them carrying out their duty. * In some counties, irregularities with ballots such as signatures missing or the inner envelope not being used, which should have had the vote dismissed, were fixed - this was known as 'curing' the ballot, and primarily happened in Democrat strongholds. * People not eligible to vote were allowed to do so by being assigned another person's vote. In Pennsylvania, 15,000 people who turned up to vote were told that they had already voted because of this practice. They were given a replacement vote and allowed to vote anyway. * Election staff were coached on various voter fraud techniques including those above and others, such as 'assisting' people to vote. * On the night of the election it became clear that Trump was winning by a landslide. This crashed the Dominion system which hadn't been programmed for such large-scale vote flipping / massaging. That is why the counting stopped on the night. * At around 4am when it started to become clear that Trump may win in spite of the vote fixing, to further ensure they got over the line, between 60,000 and 100,000 ballots for Joe Biden were delivered to counts in Pennsylvania. Some of these ballots were pristine. Many were triple counted by entering the same ballot in the counting machine three times. * The legal team has collected hundreds of sworn affidavits stating all of the above, although few are willing to go public for fear of retribution. In short, what the Trump team are alleging is nothing short of an attempted Communist coup of the United States of America. These tactic are in widespread use in multiple countries worldwide and have been used for decades by dictators to suppress the will of the people. That means that this matters not only for Americans, but for EVERYONE. If Trump is able to prove his case and remain in power in January, we will see a domino effect ripple around the whole globe. It means not just the downfall of the Democrat Party, but everything they stand for. The media in particular will have been proven to be utterly craven and corrupted. Academia will be wiped out. A lot of people will be extremely worried by this press conference, and many of them will want to go down fighting. Soros financially backs Antifa and Black Lives Matter. This matters. We are witnessing one of those rare pivot points in history that are remembered for centuries, if not millennia, to come.