== EXCLUSIVE: Michigan's IMPOSSIBLE 173K Anonymous Votes!? | Louder With Crowder (18:13) While Steven was preparing for an average-normal Fraud Week episode...he came across some VERY interesting data regarding Wayne County Michigan. == 🤡🌎🦇🦠😷🐑🍕⛩🤡🌎☠️😠😤😡🤬🦅💰🎯☄️🐉💥💡 Please, visit @TheStrike! Channel to catch what you might have missed in your MindsFeed. ~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~ Like what we do? Kindly Comment, Tip a Token, Remind & Subscribe to . . . The Strike! #Humor #LWC #News #MugClub #Politics https://youtu.be/Jl4ZFS3xORM