By now, everyone should know that Dominion is a Canadian business that produces election machines that counted millions of votes in US elections. The company is involved in a massive controversy, as it appears that it engaged in election fraud by allowing vote switching via software, via remote access or via methods to set up incorrect vote attribution. 100 out of 243 Dominion employees deleted their LinkedIn profile, since election day, which is highly suspicious. What's even more interesting is the fact that all of the developers seem to be located in Serbia. The fact that Dominion is Canadian and employs Serbian programmers might well imply that it is a foreign actor targeted by president Trump's EO against foreign interference in US elections. If any fraud committed or assisted by Dominion employees can be demonstrated, the consequences for Dominion will be severe. The fact that Dominion's HQ is located on the same floor of a building in Toronto as a Soros foundation does not exactly help their case.