The biggest secret in the mind control business isn't that you can make a person believe anything you want, through repetitive messaging and signaling scattered throughout that person's environment......... the biggest secret is that once you make someone believe something through implantation, they automatically will attack others who don't believe it. This means mind control can weaponize humans against each other and the more powerful the belief implanted, the more violent the reaction against others who don't hold that belief. The vast majority of our most intensely held beliefs (as individuals) were purposely manufactured by the people who farm us, as to weaponize one group of humans against the other. Having people under mind control, who are weaponized to attack and fear each other, is very important for ruling large tracts of human cattle because if the human livestock every realized that there was only one common enemy (the human farmers) the human farm would close and the human farmers would be removed from their mind control centers of power in government and media.