This is gonna be a little bit of a weird suggestion and I might be the only one here actually interested in this feature, but figured it wouldn't hurt sharing it. Now that Minds have already / are looking into the whole remind system, I have another thing that could be added as well. A feature to remind a comment. This is how I'd imagine it working, someone has made a post about something and someone comes with a great rebuttal/clarification/funny comment etc to that post. Because I like the comment I could then remind it, almost like a quote remind is now, but I'm not the one commenting, that would be the comment instead. That way you can share opinions you like, even if they're made as a comment and not a post, while simultaneously giving the context to said comment. I don't really care what the best way to reward this structure, if everything goes to OP or if some goes to the commenter. Either way I think this would be a great way to spawn more conversations. I could imagine some complications such as someone commenting on that new remind and someone else reminds that comment and the original context would be gone, but again I'm sure you guys could iron out those kinks. Thanks for reading my suggestion, it's midnight here so have a nice day/evening or whenever you read this, I'll jump to bed now.