THESE TROUBLED TIMES ======by Bullhorn Barry (A Written Spoken Word) The beauty, the normalcy, and even the mundane never looked as attractive as they do today. Never before, has friendship, brotherhood, & community seemed so brilliant & bright. Never before have Holiday Lights, a Christmas Tree or The Star Of Bethlehem on top, appear to burn so bright. Never before has the grace of God greeted me with such symmetry and grace. A simple breath of wisdom or gesture of compassion seem like a near miraculous act. A gentle smile, a tiny nod, or a gleam in the eye - speak a millennia of words. The puttering rain on an old tin roof or the flapping of wings in coordinated flight, sound like a wonder I've never seen. What has heightened my senses & left me feeling so alive? It's these troubled times - where darkness abides. #minds #spokenword #truth #faith #hope