🚨🚨🚨🚨 If you watch what happened in Europe( which didn't have a Trump to delay the globalists' plans) in the last 4 years, the globalists don't want civil wars,they are scared of civil wars, that's why the patriotic protesters are immediately beaten and arrested all over Europe, the patriotic leaders are being harrassed,threatened and arrested in their homes for fake charges, the patriotic groups are being infiltrated (also on social media) by infiltrators who are trying successfully to divide all the patriots,the number of Covid positives and deaths are being inflated to justify lockdowns,LOCKDOWNS are being enforced to keep patriots from gathering and planning civil wars and to keep them away while huge numbers of illegals from Africa and Middle East(muslims) are being brought daily in the western countries etc. THE GLOBALISTS WANT US TO PEACEFULLY "SLEEP" DURING THE GLOBALIZATION PROCESS! THEY WANT US DUMB,UNINFORMED,SICK,SCARED AND CONTROLLED,UNTIL THEY FINISH THEIR JOB! #covid19 #coronavirus #nwo #globalist #civilwar