An Apology

I want to apologize. I acted childishly, but there is always a method to my madness. When you target my friends I tend to take it personal. If you act like a child and play games, it’s not below me to join the game just so I can rub your face in the dirt. It’s really not how I should respond, but I don’t tolerate bullies. If you show up at my house and abuse my guests, you’ll get equal treatment. This individual that chose the low road despised censorship. He believed that abusing & harassing women was protected free speech. He also believed he owns Minds and could abuse anyone he wanted. He was angry because my friend censored his misogynistic comments. So I responded to his harassment - I received vitriol and became his new target (Cuz he thought I had a vagina). So how did I respond? I lured him to my channel, deleted his comments, & blocked him. Yes, childish, but worth it. Just fair warning. I always speak my mind and I don’t tolerate bullies (especially not Internet idiots). I do what I want. People accept that or they don’t. You can berate me and block me, I won’t shed a tear. But don’t go after my friends because you’ll get the Holliday treatment. You may go now.