5:25 min video DR. Roger Hodkinson has an impressive bio as a virologist. He is clearly stating that COVID19 is a HOAX upon the world. In America: It is a federal offence to perpetuate a hoax under the law 18 U.S. Code § 1038 For years now I have been singing the praises of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C and Spray zinc to knock down the common cold (the Corona Virus). It feels good to finally be vindicated by the "Professionals" in the field. End this global enslavement under the pretense of a pandemic. Go after these people for not following the laws. You can not cherry pick part of a law to enact the emergency powers act, this is a crime. Be pedantic to the letter of the law and take these criminals to task. There must be an infectious agent to have used such powers. There is no PCR test which test for an infectious Covid19 agent. Under the guise of this event they are now distorting Truth and Reality to fit their agendas. Anyone in government prohibiting another from exercising a RIGHT becomes a CRIMINAL TRESPASSER under the law. Anyone assisting them also guilty of the crime as so their supervisors and above for allowing it to go unchecked without the proper vetting. If people show upwearing guns don't forget that this is also another felony criminal complaint against them. File many separate complaints and file often. Don't take to the streets, sharpen your pencils for actions. Hurt these people where it hurts the most, their wallets and criminal careers. THE PLAN: Build the ARk The American Revolution 2.0kakistocracy without a vaccine SHOT HERD AROUND THE WORLD. Save our Republic and Abolish to reset without any political parties as our founders intent and revert to our Constitution of 1776 which the people are no longer under. End the Federal Reserves enslavement and criminal activity in America to replace with a dollar backed by sound currency doing away with the FEDS fiat dollar and failed economic models. The Feds only choice is DEBT DEBT DEBT as a debtor nation. Get out of debt by removing the National Debt and income tax. Small federal government operating on balanced budgets, limited in scope and authority, afraid of its people and bound by limitations on expansion. Unite this divided country in a historical event to heal all by reverting to our Constitution and revamping our justice system removing all titles of nobility and B.A.R. members, an NGO trade association taking the marching orders of George Soros via the United Nations. They fund activist lawyers and judges to actively remove the RIGHTS and FREEDOMS of Americans. A strong militia/military separate yet sworn to protect our founding documents and America. Restore individual rights, liberties and our judicial system. As a caring Nation this does not mean we would abandon our poor, sick and those in need but revamping a failed system to remove the corrupt criminal cartels currently entrenched within our system. It is not radical to wish to fix a broken system, its our right and duty of WE THE PEOPLE of which no political party's vote or any judge in ANY COURT is needed to ABOLISH and RESET without the Federal Reserve Bank, a private group of Illuminati families enslaving us all. Save our Republic. UNITE. Bring in the TALL SHIPS to celebrate the rebirth of our country again. THE BUCK STOPS HERE. END THE FED Egal