I am an Irishman, currently living in Ireland returned twos years ago after living nearly twenty years in Romania, I have been on assignment in Pakistan near the border of Afghanistan and China (Kohistan KPK), I was executing duties involving the World Bank and CHINESE Construction Companies Building Hydro Dams, the projects involved the use of SLAVES, I was investigating and taken hostage in Pakistan from march of 2020 to June 2020 where I managed to escape with sixteen stitches to the front of my head, (Isis basically been held by the Taliban/ISIS) consider this, Barak Obama and the CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY including Japanese nd British engineering companies in businesses together namely the silk road project, I AM ONE OF THE ADMINISTRATORS of this Project and I WISH TO EXPOSE ALL....OBAMA and the LEFT WING LIBERAL MOVEMENT are NEW AGE Communist FACSISTS they & The World Economic Forum including the EU, have a plan to turn the World into a Soviet/Fascistic slave state, with rules and regulations based on the rules used in NAZI Germany , Barry Soetero (Barak Obama) and H.CLINTON are your Reps one of the Panel Leaders This side (EU) Is Merkil, Macron and the EU, COV 19 is part of their plan, In Islamabad, Pakistan 2019 I had the US Embassy officials and Italian Intel begging me to Come to the Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan to discuss ( Later I discovered this was a trap, I did not meet with them) I managed to escape Pakistan this year in June during the middle of a fake pandemic with no passport ( Emergency Travel Certificate ETC ), Through Doha in the Middle East return to Dublin, I AM NOW READY to SPILL THE BEANS and EXPOSE ALL OF THESE BASTARDS (That's if I dont have ab Accident), I am trying to make contact with 'Quite Frankly' You Tube channel to get on his show, and go through the FULL STORY, GUYS WE ARE ALL IN TROUBLE IF WE DO NOT WAKE UP>