I'm actually going to disagree with Kurt here....sort of. I think celebrities having/voicing their political opinion is perfectly fine. The IS America and they're entitled to the same free speech as the rest of us. And even though I frequently oppose what they're selling, they are perfectly within their rights to make political ads and try to persuade people to vote this way or that if that's what they want to do. My "problem" with all that isn't actually with THEM, but the fucking morons who listen to them and pretend that these people actually give a flying fuck about YOU. They don't. Never have. Never will. They don't know shit about you or the way you live and they don't really care no matter how convincing their advertisement acting may or may not be. They are trying to convince you that what's good for THEM is somehow good for YOU. That may or may not be true, depending what they're advocating for, but you've got to think it through and decide that for yourself. Don't let these professional liars do your thinking for you no matter how much you like their movies/shows/music/whatever. Always remember: They are NOT the people you see on TV screens. THAT is acting. They're only pretending to be that person you like so much. Reality doesn't have a script. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/kurt-russell-celebrities-shouldnt-voice-political-opinions