From the article: Why do people keep committing hate-crime hoaxes? Why do waiters keep writing racist notes to themselves on restaurant receipts? Why do homeowners keep spray-painting swastikas on their own property? Why would you risk your reputation, and maybe even your career, just to make yourself look like a victim? Because it works. Because victimhood is currency, and with a hate hoax you can really make bank. Clifton Eutsey,18 has been accused by authorities of a hate crime hoax. Authorities say he spray-painted his own car with pro-Trump messages, N-word, anti-BLM slogans, and swastikas in addition to a smashed windshield. DA John Flynn says there is video evidence of the fraud. The owner of a BMW that was spray-painted with racist and homophobic graffiti in October is now facing insurance fraud charges. [Let this sink in - THE 18 YEAR OLD BLACK KID OWNS A BMW - does that sound like he is privileged to you?]