VOTER INTIMIDATION IS A FELONY Hang Um' High We're probably all getting tired of the name George Soros but I'll never get tired of the $70 million he gave Biden. In the beginning we learned Soros gave $8M to Biden's Camp and simultaneously "donated" $28M to the DNC but now we know for a fact it's $70M to Biden so how much more will it be next week? "Sarah Cross, an advocacy director at Soros’s Open Society Foundations, received a seat on Biden’s State Department transition team. Michael Pan, a special adviser in the executive office of the Open Society Foundations, will join the United States Mission to the United Nations team. Diane Thompson, who is listed as “self-employed” and a member of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau team, is a current Leadership in Government Fellow at the Open Society Foundations." Good Reading! #donaldtrump #politics #backdate #georgesoros #whistleblower