I have a lot of things on my mind. Obviously, i should focus on the now and the babies at hand, but concidering where the world seems to be heading, they are the only thing that really matters and everything is connected to them, one way or another.  Many struggle to entertain multiple scenarios and possibilities in their minds without falling prey to gloominess and depression. Im no stranger to this behaviour, and the Dutch weather is certainly not helping. Talk about changing the scenery to feel better - compared to Finnish eight months of darkness, i guess twelve months of horizontal rain is an improvement.  Some give in to the darkness peddled all over internet - the doomsday scenarios and loss of individual rights therein naturally makes one angry or spiteful towards others. As a Finn, i was molded by darkness, born into it,  when many merely adopted it - to use words from popular culture. After all, i am only product of my own culture, an extreme realist, so depression is only a step away - almost like an unwelcome family member, who keeps showing up at family gatherings, uninvited. I tolerated it, and over time, had a resourceful conversation with it.  Losing control of your life due to societal pressure and decisions you have little control over, is an overwhelming feeling. Ill feelings lead to bad decisions and eventually to even worse outcomes, for everyone. Some use excessive happiness to overcome and compensate this mental slippery slope, to maintain sanity and some control. Happy thoughts become happy feelings, which turn into good deeds and better life, collectively. Maintaining this, however, requires discipline individually and perseverance against the onslaught of negativity from outside.  Falling victim to your feelings is what maintains this paradigm we are collectively going through and we need to choose individually, which feelings we follow to achieve our goals collectively. Knowing everything collectively - relatively speaking - requires accepting everything as they are, as much as it does knowing yourself and your feelings individually. Accepting reality, choosing to change it and not falling victim to it - i believe - is key to our success.