America has Had It... From: Brad Layton (Small Business Owner, Small Town, Upstate NY) · If the governor would like to win everyone over, I have a suggestion for him. Two zones! One zone where the people who live in fear of this virus can go and another zone where people who do not fear this virus can go. Those of you who want to wear masks, social distance, be locked down, and use hand sanitizer 50 times a day can have your area. Those who do not want to wear masks, do not want social distancing, do not want lockdowns, and are not putting on hand sanitizer 50 times a day can have their area. This would be a great experiment. We could track cases and see what happens. The true way to put this whole issue to bed once and for all. We would not have to worry about people crossing over into different zones and I can tell you why. Those who live in fear would be to terrified to enter the "zone of death". Those that are tired of living under the rules of fear would never ever want to cross over into the "new norm". I think I may be onto something! Let the comments commence!