Speaking on religion today. My kid asked a question if Eve had not eaten the fig would we be in a better place. Answer I would hope so. However, to be honest let us look at Adam's story. His first woman http://judaism.about.com/…/Where-Does-The-Legend-Of-Lilith-… Lilith who ran away from him and became a queen of the demons.http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jso…/Judaism/demons.html the real question is with 72 names of the creator for Jewish lore are there other creators? Norse religion example ice giants who hide within the world - so her question in time if one could change the past would it be worth it. Would good rule or is this the seventh time cycle which ends all cycles, and rebirth will not happen but the end will be the end? The collision with another galaxy means change. Is our creator as powerful as the other galaxy? We are the original line of defense if one looks at the outer rim, we will be the original to collide with the next galaxy.http://en.wikipedia.org/…/Andromeda–Milky_Way_colli… so the reality is no more cycles just a new adventure for those energies that survive. What if all this is to see who would be good canon powder for a future war between galaxies colliding within a minute if a thousand years is but a a day to a creator of earth. What is the rationale that spirits are placed at the rim of the galaxy? Why are we here? Did we forget that there is an existence that might be forgotten? Humor wild dreams of a blind pirate wondering through the web looking for something forgotten but not yet forgotten the memory of the question is still here someplace. Trigonometry teaches 180 degrees so if we are outside our dimension time travel backwards is possible- and lore Jewish wise there is a creator's name to pray to for that. humor yad yad yad.. forgive my soul. I precisely want to be ... a bookworm or perchance that is surely it if we are perfected and know everything perhaps this world is just that a trick on energy. to day dream before doing something less or more important. then the two planets that are not even being talked about water world http://www.godlikeproductions.com/for…/message2472183/pg1and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nibiru_cataclysm Nibiru with their aliens. What is this world going to be like within the next 213 years... humor... questions from a pirate who is looking for booty.. https://youtu.be/HJkJ3TzciqE