This article compares two dictatorships: The United States of America and the United Arab Emirates. The first dictatorship hides its true identity and masquerades to the world as a democracy. But of course, we know America is a police republic for the rest of us with functioning brain cells. We know that Wall Street owns and controls every aspect of American government and society. We know that it's the banks and their corporations who own the United States since 1913 when Wall Street banks hijacked America's monetary system through an act of treason by Congress and a racist puppet president called Woodrow Wilson. Since then, you are forced to pay income taxes, which were illegal before 1913. Since then, ALL of America's politicians are in the deep pockets of the banking class. Since then, politicians are in the service of the banking class, not the idiots who vote for them. Since then, voting is meaningless. The second republic is a true dictatorship that's honest about its identity, which's highly respectable. Everybody knows who's boss, and everyone knows that they need to show their respect. In return, the royal class is exceptionally generous to its people, and that's highly admirable. The social services offered to Emirati citizens are beyond belief. They enjoy the best services and the best lifestyles. They enjoy safety and security that would make Americans cry in envy if only they knew about it. In the UAE, crime is extremely rare. Whereas in the USA, crime is rampant. In the UAE, police violence is notably rare, whereas in the USA, it's widespread and out of control. Most importantly, there's ZERO income tax for Emirati citizens, whereas Americans are robbed at gunpoint from up to 40% of their income. Would you rather a corrupt republic run by corrupt politicians, or would you rather a kingdom run by a good king? I choose the good king. I've lived in both countries for roughly the same period. And if you ask me for my honest opinion, the USA is a shithole of a country whereas the UAE is the shining city on the hill. America is the land of deception where the unhappy slaves think they're free, but they're not. The UAE is the land of opportunity and the home of honest leadership. To the Emiratis and the ruling class of the UAE, I send my sincerest respects. They've built a country like no other. It's truly remarkable what they achieved. The ruling class of the UAE has my most heartfelt respect, NOT because it's demanded but because it's earned and deserved. If you haven't visited Dubai yet, I highly encourage you to do so. Please be mindful of the traditions and customs of this gorgeous city ❤. #USA #Dubai #UAE #VisitDubai #UnitedArabEmirates