Not a single Doctor that we have seen on National Television, has spoken about the dangers of CO2 Poisoning from wearing a mask for too long. Not a single one of them. How can you call yourself a doctor, and not even warn the American People, let alone your own Patients, about the dangers of too much Carbon Dioxide in the lungs and blood stream of the Human Body? About the dangers that could be effecting babies inside of their mother's wombs? How could it be possible, that there could be absolutely no negative consequences of covering the mouth and nose, for all day long, and all night long, when no other creature on this Earth would ever do that or even think of doing that? More importantly, why would not a single doctor, on mainstream national television, at least warn the American Populace of possible dangers that can be associated with covering up our breathing holes for too long of periods at a time? How could that be possible, at all, unless there was an ulterior agenda in motion? We know that there are doctors in America who have warned about the dangers of wearing a mask for too long. Just not any that we have seen on TV. Coincidence? There is no such thing.