Artist Slava Groshev 48-year-old Russian artist Slava Groshev uses photographs to help create stunningly beautiful paintings of young women. Crisp, vibrant and sharp, Slava’s figurative work is so realistic-looking that you could easily be fooled into thinking that he uses digital photography in its creation, but this is not the case. All his paintings are, in fact, created with the old-fashioned paint brush. When creating his incredibly photo-like portraits of young girls and children, Slava imagines in his mind what he wants to see on canvas and then tries to find a suitable model, clothes and background for the painting. When the perfect model has been found, he takes photos of them to save time with the painting process. Slava then makes a sketch onto canvas and does the primary work before inviting the model back again for another session so he can paint the most important parts of the portrait — their face and hands, saying that photos never reproduce the real color of skin. Source: #art #painting #portrait #contemporary #children