Spring Day in Ukraine by Sergey Vasilkovsky (Serhii Ivanovych Vasylkivsky) Serhii Ivanovych Vasylkivsky (October 19, 1854, Izium — October 7, 1917, Kharkiv) was one of the most prolific Ukrainian artists of the pre-revolutionary period and an expert on Ukrainian ornamentation and folk art. Vasylkivsky grew up in an environment conducive to his development as an artist. He was born and spent his childhood in the picturesque surroundings of Izium, a city in the historical region of Sloboda Ukraine, and today's Kharkiv Oblast. The future painter had a chumak grandfather whose roots reached cossack ancestral lines. Vasylkivsky's father was a writer and taught his son the aesthetics of proper calligraphy. His mother, through her folk songs set the foundation which provided the inspiration for Vasylkivsky's art later in life... Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serhii_Vasylkivsky #art #painting #classic #countryside #farm