Artist Sergey Ushanov 1972 - was born in city of Leningrad (S-peterburg) 1992 - has ended Odesskooe the state art school of M.B.Grekova 1998 - has ended hudozhestveenno-graphic faculty of pedagogical university of K.D.Ushinskogo 1999 - Has ended a magistracy and has arrived in postgraduate study 1999 - has arrived in youth at the Odessa regional branch of the National union of artists of Ukraine 1993 - I take active part in regional and ????????????? art exhibitions 2000 - the student of the international ART-EXHIBITION-BENNALE "Marina 2000" 2003 - has arrived in the National Union of artists of Ukraine 2004 - the first personal exhibition in art gallery SH to Odessa Source: #art #painting #portrait #contemporary #figure