The concept of self ownership says;  I own myself and the fruits of my labors, and either my actions are voluntary or coerced.  Or; Don't hurt people. Don't take people's things. Don't make people do things they don't want to do. The vast majority of people honor that concept and we call that behavior mutual respect. The concept of self ownership and the behavior of mutual respect that stems from it, is literally the foundation of all human civilization. It is the original social concept and all social constructs rely upon the behavior of mutual respect to function.  Upon this concept, humans built the concept of law. Law is the use of collective force on behalf of the individual to defend that which society says the individual has the right to protect. Key words in that definition are "collective force". That's collectivism. All of human civilization and every society within it are all endeavors into collectivism. We practice collectivism when we enforce our laws. This only becomes a bad thing if society allows law to go beyond the protection of the concept of self ownership, the basis of all human civilization. Defending self ownership is the only acceptable use of collective force or collectivism when we are talking about enforcing behaviors via law. Self ownership knows no race, gender or age. If you are human, it applies to you from the moment of conception to death.  It is the foundation of everything we call rights. It's defense is the only reason for the existence of the state in the first place.  Either society uses collective force to protect individual rights or it uses collective force to trample individual rights. There is no in-between and this is the only gauge by which government action should be measured.