Vicar of Lucifer Luciferianism is Satanism masked in the false light of superficiality and religion. Freemasons are known for worshiping Lucifer which is stated in their own writings. Most Freemasons are self identified Christians and use religion as their self righteous shield. Luciferians dress in nice clothes, speak proper, and drive nice cars while they condemn others for superficial reasons. That is the difference between them and Satanists. The term Lucifer was created by the Latins as an epithet for Vesper. Vesper means evening. In ancient Hebrew Lucifer was referred to as the fallen angel Orias. Or means light in Hebrew. Luciferian-Freemasons covertly condemn the poor and sick as sinners and claim they are being punished by God. They meddle in the personal affairs of others and condemn innocent people for the slightest thing. Christo-Luciferians always act like they have the moral upper hand because of religion. Freemasons are involved in covert persecution against those that oppose their tyranny. Freemasons have created smaller secret societies which they use to do their dirty work. Luciferians get paid to gang stalk and persecute people all over the US. They operate covertly. They poison people. They slander people. They vandalize their property. They cyber stalk their victims. They are organized in massive groups online with tens of thousands involved daily. They gang stalk and mentally terrorize people. They are involved with carrying out satanic ritual abuse and brainwashing. They are involved with using electronic weapons and alchemical poisoning. Electromagnetic Pulse weapons exist and are even sold online. Their persecution often leads to deaths, mental break downs, hospitalization, or prison. Many Freemasons and members of secret societies are involved with computer hacking and electronic torture. That is what Scientology is. Luciferians are fascist and oppressive. They are brainwashing tyrants and extremely sadistic. Luciferians are a dangerous and murderous cult. They lie non stop. They are relentless false accusers. The moment that a person stands up to these psychopaths they start demanding love and forgiveness. They are covert and organized psychopaths that falsely accuse, terrorize, and torment innocent people while they claim to be godly and righteous. Luciferians murder children, threaten to murder more children if you expose them, and then blame the people exposing them. That is how sick they are. They are making covert war on society as they openly use religion to reject self defense and hide behind the word love while condemning people who are genuinely loving. The actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a mixture of a Luciferian and Satanist and he is a very high level warlock and cult leader. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a liar, sadists, false accuser, pedophile, murderer, cannibal, and all around psychopath who runs a holocaustic cult in upstate New York. The top Luciferian in the United States is a man by the name of Steven James Dishon and his last known residence is in Linwood Michigan. He is supported by the Grand Lodge of Michigan with Grand Master David Hill. Steven Dishon is initiated into the Society of Jesus, Kabbalah Society, Muslim Brotherhood, Shriner's Royal Order of Jesters, Oddfellow Order, and Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Steven Dishon is initiated into the Society of Jesus, Kabbalah Society, Muslim Brotherhood, Shriner's Royal Order of Jesters, Oddfellow Order, and Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Steven is one of the most wicked human beings in America and has been given his authority over secret societies by the Black Nobility of Rome and is backed up by the Detroit Partnership, Chaldean Mafia, and Hells Angels. Steven is paid off through fake gambling wins at Daniel Gilbert's Greektown Casino-Hotel in Detroit. Steven Dishon is a pathological liar, murderer, gang stalker, cyber stalker, terrorist, pedophile, cannibal, and blood drinker. He works with a hacker and cyber terrorist named Zachary James Carr who may be living in Idaho. They have been friends on Facebook. Zachary Carr uses electronics to terrorize people and has the entire internet hacked. It is believed that he was trained by members of the hacker group called Legion of Doom. Steven Dishon is highly dangerous and murderous. These secret societies like the Freemasons are being funded by the Vatican and royal families through offshore accounts, paypal, and private Swiss banking. This is covert Nazi style persecution carried out by the sadistic members of secret societies as they attempt a full take over of society. He is a fascist psychopathic lunatic who claims he is a god. He openly claims to be Root of David, God of Israel, and Jesus Christ. He is a disease spreading his lies and depravity all over America. He was the mind controller behind the Kalamazoo shooting in Michigan. He manages a high level Luciferian witch named Rebecca Zavarella through the Oddfellow's Daughters of Rebekah. Rebecca or Becky Zavarella is insanely evil. She has burned children alive and her brother named Brian Lawton is a murderous gang stalker, Irish Mafia associate, and Hell Fire club member that has also burned people alive. The Daughters of Rebekah are involved with financing, creating, and managing orphanages. Steven Dishon lures homeless people to his house by offering them help and then sacrifices them. There are human remains around his property. Homeless people that go missing have no one to report their disappearances. His ex wife named Anna Dishon is high level witch that is related to the Gambino crime family. Steven claims she is dead however she is not. Steven Dishon is a top commander over various secret societies inside the United States. The name Dishon is for Dishonest and Dishonorable. The Vatican and Black Nobility have made Steven their "Vicar of Lucifer" or representative of Lucifer for his skills in deception and oppressive brainwashing as well as his willingness to be lawless, ruthless, sadistic, and murderous.