I Have Some Very Special Humans Here on Minds That Fill My Life Full of C.L.H.J.S. Everyday!

Whether I Am Here Active on Minds and All Other Days I Am Away From Minds, They Never Let Me Get Away From Them!! (Stalkers!! or Minds Freaks!!) :-))))) They all give me these amazing gifts daily! C.aring L.oving H.elpful J.oyful S.ex no that's not it, S.tuipdness, no that's not it either, fuck I need to write this shit down before I get stoned and forget it! S.toned, nice try but that's not it! I got it!!! S.miles Nailed It! :-)))))) @buttybrit @ladyred @RedDragonLS and the one, the only, fuck I forgot again! Got it! @Rushofwaves (the names are not in order of liking because I don't like any of stalkers, but I thank U all for being there for me daily no matter where the fuck I am! Thank U and if U ever have any complaints send them to @buttybrit she has handle my complaint dept since 2014, not very well at all because my biggest complaint is no one responds to my complaint dept issues, I tell them needy people to send in a complaint to on that too its not my problem!!! Fucking needy people anyways!!! lol I forget why I was writing this but I'm sure one of U stalkers will remind me in some way today!! lol #madzwords #lifewords #life #minds #quoteoftheday