•••Oct 26, 2020 - We learned on Friday that GitHub removed youtube-dl's primary collaboration forum and code repository from their site, which had been hosted at The action was in response to a DMCA Section 512 notice that the RIAA sent demanding removal of youtube-dl, which was released and distributed via GitHub under a liberal FOSS license. In the notice, the RIAA cites DMCA Section 1201 (the removing digital restrictions section) as justification for youtube-dl's removal. We believe that youtube-dl has substantial non-infringing uses. There are many, but to name a few, youtube-dl has the following important features: ••enable users to watch YouTube videos without installing any non-free software. ••watch YouTube at different speeds (including speeds YouTube does not offer) — an important feature for accessibility! ••change the YouTube video quality setting manually when the user is more aware of bandwidth issues than YouTube's non-human algorithms. ••ability to download (and then, with other software, modify and reuse) freely licensed videos, such as those licensed under CC-BY. ••various aids for journalists, including fact-checking, video analysis, and bandwidth saving... #UnfuckTheWorld