Doorkins Magnificat -- or Doorkins for short -- made Southwark Cathedral her home in 2008 after visiting between Christmas and New Year in search of food. Over the years, she became a common site at the church -- whether sprawling across the pews, sauntering across the altar during a service, or catnapping in the hay of the nativity scene at Christmas time. Doorkins Magnificat, a much loved resident of Southwark Cathedral, has been honored in a special memorial service after passing away last month. Last year, because she had become blind and deaf, Doorkins was moved into the home of the cathedral's verger, a church official, who looked after her until she died peacefully. On social media, many people thanked Nunn for the "wonderful" and "touching" service, and shared fond memories of Doorkins. #doorkins #animals #humanfelinebond