The dipshit Gavin Newsom (the Nazi that rules California) has again misused the authority awarded to him by the brainless shameless sheeple of California to ruin their thanksgiving this year. He declared these mandates: 1. No more than 3 households are allowed in the same home. 2. Masks must stay on the entire time or intermittently while eating/drinking. 3. Singing and shouting are not allowed. 4. Family members must stay six feet apart the whole time. 5. All food and drink must be served in disposable containers. 6. Thanksgiving must not last more than 2 hours. 7. Thanksgiving must be held outside your home. We're not joking...unfortunately. Thisdipshit mandated the new rules statewide, and the sheeple must obey or else! And of course, if you're a brainless shameless sheeple, you'll just bow down and kiss Gavin Newsom's ass whenever instructed. You'll also stick your middle finger up your butthole to fight the spread of COVID19 when he finally mandates it 🤣. However, if you're a free and independent human being (not a sheeple), you'll politely tell the Nazi Gavin Newsom to stick his own middle finger up his butthole. And you'll go ahead and enjoy this thanksgiving like a dignified human being. Are you a sheeple, or are you free and independent? 🤔 #GavinNewsom #Scamdemic #Scamdemic2020 #COVID19Scamdemic #BuildBackBetter Sources: