Understanding National Socialism – It’s foundation, what it really stood for, opposed, and why ~ https://justice4germans.wordpress.com/2013/04/18/understanding-national-socialism-its-foundation-what-it-really-stood-for-opposed-and-why/ "National Socialism was a “Weltanschauung” or ‘world view’ which sought to combine and preserve the racial-ethnic-cultural-spiritual-linguistic solidarity amongst the German people as a unified nation “the Volk” which is intimately bound to it’s own soil. Hence ‘National’. But ‘Socialist’, as we shall see, was never to be confused with Marxist doctrine, but rather, referred to the true, original, ancient German socialism. Furthermore, National Socialism was Christian in nature and to its core, based upon principles of ‘Positive Christianity’ with a focus on the family and upon community morals, values, ethics, and standards, through true essentially ‘brotherly love in action and deeds’, not just philosophy, and also not in the spirit of liberal ‘egalitarianism’ and ‘internationalism’ or Communist universalism. It was about recreating a Germany for Germans, which put them and their needs above all else, with Germans in control, and with each committed to this, for their own interests, and their collective benefit. Hence, the words of the German anthem “Deutschland Ueber Alles”, was never about ‘expansionism’ into foreign territory, or an aggressive foreign policy, much less any desire to “take over the world”, but patriotic devotion to the land and the people “Das Volk”, with a desire, if possible, to re-unite the German tribes in a new German Empire. But NOT, however, at the high price of war which Hitler knew too well."