While I've seen the US President do things that seemed to pacify the Empire/Oligarchy/Globaloney Criminal Cabal members of this administration (the problem in DC is that the infiltration of the Oligarchy has been for so long and is so deep that there are few, very few professionals in government service that have not been either co-opted, are pawns, puppets, or direct agents of the Oligarchy, including all the appointees of administrations going back to and before JFK, so that in real and tactical terms, the President has been a one man band, fighting the traitors in government service every step of the way it seems), I and most of us are not intimately aware of the level of battle the President has withstood from the traitors within. One key measure was the beginning of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.... not for the peace of Afghans, but that the only perceived value they ever had was protecting the Oligarchy's opium poppy crops in Kandahar province where they were stationed. With the removal of US troops the local guerillas will begin destroying the crops as they had been doing before the US went in there, thus putting a large crimp in the Oligarchy's drug business. About bleeding time, one might say. Similarly, we've seen the President announce one policy and watched the State Department do precisely the reverse, proving once again FDR's assertion that "State" was just a mirror of the British Foreign Office and adhered to their policies, not to his... and Trump has the same problem. "They fought the president at every turn when he sought to withdraw from endless wars. They insisted that Washington remain allied to the worst of the worst, supporting the vile Saudi regime in its aggressive and murderous war against Yemen. They urged policies that treated Russia as a permanent enemy. They backed American dominance of every existing alliance and relationship, infantilising America’s friends and maximizing Washington’s obligations." While the author references one that says the so-called wonks are brain dead replicas of the past, I would claim that they represent the interests of the Oligarchy and not the US, thereby implementing what can only be seen as traitorous practices in terms of adherence to the President's stated policies. https://www.theamericanconservative.com/articles/the-adults-in-the-room-with-trump-werent-adults-at-all/