"Famous Journalist RESIGNS After Outlet Censors Biden Scandal, SLAMS The Leftist Censorship In News" - Tim Pool Glenn Greenwald co-founder of The Intercept. ----- "Someone STOLE Tucker Carlson's Evidence Of Biden's Corruption, Media DESPERATE To Bury Biden Scandal" - Tim Pool There are copies out there. Suggest to be stolen in the courier process. About 20 mins in Tim says something that isn't true... My comment: [youtubelink]&lc=Ugzq22AYq4FxjkxaWfN4AaABAg "Tim the fuck are you talking about? Trump was NOT WITHHOLDING AID TO UKRAINE REGARDING BIDEN. THAT WAS NEVER BROUGHT UP IN THAT CONVERSATION. That was withheld for other reasons, not a quid-pro-quo as you are implying... for Biden it was a full on quid-pro-quo... ----- "Journalist FURIOUS That Feds Announce ARRESTS Of BLM Rioters Because Its Helping Trump Win Election" - Tim Pool Tim sends a message to Vaush about a 1/4 near the end, refering to his conversation with Vaush on Tim's podcast. See also: "Rioting BACKFIRE! Looter CALLS POLICE After His Car Full Of Stolen Goods Is STOLEN By Another Looter" - Liberal Hivemind Rioters/Looters: WE HATE POLICE! Also Rioters/Looters: CALL THE POLICE! PA Gov calls the riots "peaceful protests"... we've heard this before in Portland a lone. Also mentions the jews were being targeted by BLM/Antifa demanding the jews leave "You don't belong here." ----- "Biden PANICKING, Rushes To MINNESOTA For Event, Is Trump Going To Flip A Democrat Stronghold??" - Tim Pool So much for "putting a lid on it" for the rest of the campaign... ----- "New Movie About COVID-23 Turns Pandemic Into Sad Horror Movie, Woke Films Are TRASH" - Tim Pool Um... Do this AFTER we're passed this retarded one? Apparently the antagonist is the lockdowns... like what the right has been saying for several months since late spring/early summer? ----- "Twitter Suspends CBP Commissioner For Saying The Border Wall WORKED, Stopping Criminals" - Tim Pool See also: "EXCLUSIVE: Twitter Suspends U.S. Border Chief For Celebrating Wall’s Protection From Illegal Aliens"